Government Relations & Sales Consulting

The public sector involves a very unique business pursuit process than the private sector. We help you take steps to evaluate what makes sense for your organization based on multiple factors and ensure you set up the right strategies.  For us, winning business in the government sector is similar to a chess match – you must think 5 steps ahead.

Marketing Management & Strategies

Before we engage with any client to develop and implement marketing services, we spend time understanding the goals desired, the timelines needed, and the resources available.  We will work with you to provide the services needed, in the time desired.

Business Proposal Management & Development

We have experience developing and managing winning business proposals including government RFPs. It’s not only just about filling out the forms and answering the questions, it’s also about clarifying your strengths, telling your story, convincing your audience, and ensuring it’s visually appealing to those evaluating it.

Digital Storytelling

Whether you are pursuing business in the private or public sectors, trying to expand your brand reach, recognition, and engagement, you need digital storytelling that is impactful, influential, clear and effective.

Project Management, Coaching & Training

Through strategy, program or plan, we focus on leaving behind a legacy of success and improvement for each of our clients.