We offer the following services to assist you with the development of winning business proposals:

  • Writing & editing
  • Graphic design
  • Proposal process management
  • “Your Third Set of Eyes”
  • Oral presentation preparation & assistance

We have experience developing and managing winning business proposals including government RFPs. It’s not only just about filling out the forms and answering the questions, it’s also about clarifying your strengths, telling your story, convincing your audience, and ensuring it’s visually appealing to those evaluating it.

We also offer a service we call “Your Third Set of Eyes”.   A successful bid needs a “third set of eyes” that looks beyond the requirements and the grammar, and looks at it instead from an evaluator’s perspective – is it an easy read, does it fulfill what they’re asking for, and will it convince them to move you to the next decision stage and closer to a win.

Many public and private sector bids will require an oral presentation stage. We can also assist with you presentation development to match the look and feel of the proposal as well as ensuring you have a third party perspective to help your presenters represent your organization best. We have 8+ years of experience with preparing and presenting in government oral presentations.