21For organizations that are just beginning to pursue government work to those that are trying to expand their current block – we can help you.

The public sector involves a very unique business pursuit process than the private sector. There are certifications, rules and regulations, cumbersome RFP responses, politics on multiple levels, procurement rules to understand and be aware of as well as strategies to build and implement prior to a bid coming out of an agency. It can be a long process and a deep investment – and not meant for every organization.

We help you take steps to evaluate what makes sense for your organization based on multiple factors and ensure you set up the right strategies.  For us, winning business in the government sector is similar to a chess match – you must think 5 steps ahead.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Government relations – we focus on specific states at this point, however, we are constantly adding to our bench of registered lobbyists and government relations staff.
  • Certification & procurement processes – helping you evaluate and navigate both
  • Strategy development – first asking what it is you’re trying to achieve and building effective strategies taking into consideration your certifications, services, investments, and staff.
  •  “Starters” package – we have experience working with businesses just beginning their pursuit of government business as well as just beginning their certification process. We can evaluate next best steps and help position your business for success.
  • Business Development Training & Mentoring – we offer a variety of ways to work with your business development staff to help them understand how to best pursue business in the public sector and increase their pipelines.